Practical Courses

The Practical Courses aim at providing hands-on experience on major topics relevant for PEF applications.

Course 1: Microbial Inactivation and Preservation by PEF

Lecturer: Felix Schottroff, Marija Zunabovic-Pichler and Anna Krottenthaler

  • Batch and continuous PEF treatment of liquids
  • Role of product and process parameters on the inactivation
  • Consideration of thermal effects
  • Inactivation kinetics
  • Characterization of PEF damage to microbial cells (Flow Cytometry)

Course 2: Plant Cell Disintegration by PEF

Lecturer: Thomas Fauster, Cinzia Mannozzi and Peter Pirc

  • Treatment of solid or pumpable plant raw materials
  • Methods for the quantification of cell disintegration
  • Impact on subsequent processing steps (juice recovery, drying, extraction, cutting, peeling)
  • Comparison to other cell disintegration techniques

Course 3: Modelling & Simulation (kindly conducted by TU Berlin and University of Salerno)

Lecturer: Tobias Horneber, Christopher McHardy and Gianpiero Pataro

  • Material parameters relevant for PEF modelling and simulation
  • Introduction to modelling and simulation software
  • Description of flow pattern, electric field and temperature distribution
  • Experimental validation concepts
  • Simulation tools for treatment chamber design optimization
  • Modelling electric field and thermal effects on cells, tissue and ingredients

Course 4: Pulse Generation & Equipment Design (kindly conducted by University of Ljubljana)

Lecturer: Eva Pirc, Matej Rebersek and Bernhard Schmeitzl

  • Components of pulse generating systems
  • Design of pulse generators for different pulse characteristics
  • Measurement of electrical output parameters

Course 5: Emerging Food Processing Technologies

Lecturer: Henry Jäger and Max Gratz, CEPLANT/Roplass: Dusan Kovacik, Tomas Moravek, Vlasta Stepanova

  • Ohmic Heating for preservation and thermal cell disintegration
  • High Pressure Processing for microbial inactivation and structure modification
  • Pulsed Light surface decontamination
  • Cold Plasma applications